General Information

Opening Hours
Monday through Saturday 9:00 a.m. till 4:00 p.m.

General fees
Adults: 17.80 - ANG. / $10-USD; Senior Citizens and Children (up to age 12) 12.50 -ANG. / $7-USD;
Students 14.25 -ANG / $8-USD


Museum Shop
At the entrance of the museum, the Museum Shop sells various items, various postcards of impressive collection items, a collection of African art - wooden masks and sculptures from shona stone, paintings and books.

Slavery on Staten Island - A Dutch Perspective
Slavery on Staten IslandPresentation belongs to Annette Marks, born on Curacao and presently “adjunct professor” at the College of Staten Island and the Wagner College. She also lectures about African American History, Women History, Caribbean History, Latin American, Native American and African History. She has created “courses” for the Wagner College, Edwards Air Force Base and Lancaster Community College. We are very much impressed by both her ability as researcher and as a speaker. She is extremely enthusiastic and can captivate an audience for hours.
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