General Information - Jacob Gelt Dekker
Rhodes, Darwin, Stuyvesant and Vespucci were adventurers in the purest sense of the word, roaming the world yearning for discovery and knowledge. Jacob Gelt Dekker is the modern day equivalent with an entrepreneurial spin.

Through his adventures he has found his personal paradise, which his knowledge and experience permits him to present to the world through his creation of Project Kura Hulanda in Curacao.

In the past 10 years Jacob has been interviewed by many different magazines, newspapers, television, radio and on internet websites. Newspapers from Greenland, Magazines out of the U.S. or Television program's in Europe, a broad kind of media has wanted to know Jacob. Also his work, as an entrepreneur but mostly his work as an Philanthropist.

By all his traveling and his way of life, his broad knowledge and interference in world issues, Jacob have been invited for diverse media. Not only in the U.S. or the Netherlands but in all other parts of the world. Read more
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